Thursday, June 2, 2011

2000 lincoln ls radiator?

i was wondering how to change the radiator in a 2000 lincoln ls and also how hard is it to do?2000 lincoln ls radiator?
1. Drain the engine 2. Remove the upper radiator sight shield 3. Remove the air cleaner outlet tube 4.Remove the six bolts and the two radiator upper support brackets 5.Remove the upper radiator hose .

6. Remove the bolt and position the receiver drier aside.

7.Disconnect the dual flow coolant valve electrical connector and the A/C line from the fan shroud.

On 3.0L engines 8. Disconnect the Throttle Position (TP) sensor and the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve electrical connectors.

9. Remove the bracket.

On 3.9L engines

10. Remove the bolt and position the electric water pump aside .

On all engines

11. Disconnect the high pressure cooling fan bracket and line.

Inspect the seal and install a new seal if necessary.

12.Disconnect the return hose from the cooling fan and shroud.

13. Separate the return hose from the fan shroud and position aside.

14.Remove the two bolts and the fan shroud assembly.

15. Remove the A/C condenser.

16. Disconnect the lower radiator hose.

17. Remove the two bolts and position the multi-cooler assembly aside

18. Remove the bolts and the condenser support brackets.

19. Remove the radiator