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How to change a thermostat on a 2002 dodge stratus 2.7?

I know u hav to follow a hose from the radiator to sum thing and the thermostat goes there, but i can't take that thing off because there is sum strange looking black thing on top of the fourth bolt i have to take off. I cant take that black thing off i've taken all the bolts off on the top of it but it wont come off. I need to know how that thing comes off or if there is another way to change the thermostatHow to change a thermostat on a 2002 dodge stratus 2.7?
that t-stat is on the passenger side of the engine block. i think you have to get it from the wheel well if i remember right.How to change a thermostat on a 2002 dodge stratus 2.7?
id sell that asap those cars become nothin but trouble

How to change the battery on a 2004 pt cruiser?

I am unable to remove the air cleaner housing in order to reach the 13mm and 10mm nuts or bolts holding the battery secure. It also appears that when the battery is freed it will be extremely difficult to remove it from under the left front quarter panel which curves over the front left corner of the battery. On the right side of the battery the radiator hose is in close proximity and I am not sure that the battery will clear it. What do I do?How to change the battery on a 2004 pt cruiser?
although it appears that there is not much room , there is actually plenty. All you have to do it undo the 2 clips in the front of the air cleaner. then use a flathead screwdriver and undo the clamp on the end of the throttle body. This will give you access to the battery. When you have it unbolted just pull straight up and it will come out.How to change the battery on a 2004 pt cruiser? about 3/4 down the page.

How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?

I've got a 3 cyl turbo daihatsu 1988 mdl had water problem and the mechanics changed the head gasket,but radiator still bubbling of air. So I was told it might have a hairline crack on the head.Is there a treatment for this? I was told there's a chemical treatment for this. If it is true can you tell me what to put in the radiator? thanks.How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?
No, if it a crack in the cylinder head there are no quick fixed.

Because the cylinder head block is made in one whole cast.

The gasket is for between the head and the engine block, where else what need to be change is the rubber seal in each of the water jacket between the head and engine block.

If it a hair line crack, it can be tested by performing a pressure test.How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?
Your Mechanic SUCKS. It is standard procedure to have the cylinder head magnafluxed to check for cracks.--Alumaseal will help, if you're in a TIGHT pinch crack an egg in the radiator, it is NOT a permanent fix but it'll keep it plugged for a little while.How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?
Let's see, bad luck with ceramic/ glass sealant. OK luck with alumiseal and bars~leak. still never fixed anything totally.How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?
go to your local autoparts store and tell them you need a head gasket sealer, (the type you add to your radiator) ignore any wise cracks and give it a try as products of that type have helped me keep cars running for much longer than most people think.How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?
As an automotive mech. I would say any additives will only gunk up the works for later. Bset thing to do is replace the head. In the long run all the money you spend on ways to repair it will be wasted cause it will need to be replaced reguardless.

so spend lots of small amounts on fix its or go ahead and pay for a replacement now..How to quick fix a crack cylinder head for a car?
You need to get it properly diagnosed. It might not be the head... It could very well be the block. My hubby is a grease monkey and doesn't know of any %26quot;quick fix%26quot; that is surefire. There's something called Stop Leak (or something close to that) but it can end up rusting stuff and blocking up your heater core and radiator. If you just need your car to run for a while and don't need it long term, go ahead and try that.

How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?

I bought a 2003 ZR2 S-10 4.3 Vortec V6 in December. I drove it from Chicago to Detroit with no problems. I had the oil, trans and radiator flushed and changed. I changed the thermostat three weeks ago (Jan) because of overheating, and refilled the coolant. Now (Feb) I get a ticking when I start the truck cold, it goes away when the engine warms up. I hasn't made this noise before. The oil level is good and pressure is at 40. I've driven a Ford most of my life and wanted a change. Did I make a mistake buying a Chevy?How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
cheap fix to flush lifters clean is to add a quart of automatic trans. fluid about 100 to 2000 miles before you change oil this should clean the lifters out if not you either have a stck lifter or maybe a cam going GOOD LUCKHow do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
keep oil fresh...ticking cause no oil on lifters on cold start and it takes a while to get's cold ya know and thicker...or my dodge does that cause the bearings are going out on the idler pulley...maybe a belt slapping....i wouldn't worry too much as long as it runs good...How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
I'd add a quart of Lucas oil treatment the next time you do a oil change instead of one of the quarts of oil.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way Lucas could even help by adding a few thick drops now to the oil.How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
Up Waite your oil and have your valves readjusted! Don't try any TV gimmicks ( for give my spelling )How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
The %26quot;Lucas treatment%26quot; only HIDES the noise. It will NOT fix it. Shotty Mechanics use that trick to sell cars. The guy that sold it to you probably used that trick himself. Aside from that, A ticking noise can come from almost any where. A trick to see if it is a lifter or not....Take a flat head screw driver, Put the handle to your hear and the Flat metal head on your valve cover. If you hear a nice loud tick then you should look into fixing your lifter.

If you have a 4.3 Chevy motor you actually have a great motor and I wouldn't pay it any mind. Keep an eye on the oil level. I drove and 85 s-10 around for about 7 years and changed the oil one time. Just kept adding when I thought it was low. :D

GoOd LuCk ((O_o))How do I fix My S-10 from ticking (lifter)?
try a another weight oil

or replace lifter

sorry lifter ticking is a chevy problem its always been i been driving 40 yrs

i drive fords when i can

but that chevy might tick for years as well try going up a oil weight
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  • In general, are Audis difficult to service?

    Some German cars are difficult to service. The designs are very complicated. I heard that Audi A4 require that you take off the front bumper skin and grill to change a headlight bulb and some major body parts need to be taken off to change the water pump. Is this true or at least my impression? I heard that 1980's Maserati Biturbos needed radiator removal to change the oil...very stupid design or designed by someone with no regard to costs and labor. How about Audis, particularly the A4? I am looking for a slightly better car, like Volvo S60, Saab 9-3, Acura TSX, Lexus IS250 AWD, etc.In general, are Audis difficult to service?
    Audi's are complicated and repair costs will reflect that fact. Audi shops also charge a lot in labor, compared with Honda/Acura mechanics for example. Audi's are also known for their electrical gremlins. If you are concerned about repair costs, I would avoid Audi or stay under a warranty.In general, are Audis difficult to service?
    Expensive to service.In general, are Audis difficult to service?
    Yes, I've done that headlight job, it's a joke but not a funny joke. They have lifetime tranny fluid, lifetime, are you kidding me? You can't even check the one I dealt with. Yes expensive to maintain.In general, are Audis difficult to service?
    NO you dont have to remove the whole front end to change a headlight

    water pump is another story

    How do you change the thermostat on a 98 BMW 323is?

    My car continues to overheat and my husband has replaced the radiator, the hoses and the coolant resevoir. So we think it must be the thermostat. Is it fairly easy to replace for someone who replaced the radiator himself?How do you change the thermostat on a 98 BMW 323is?
    go to a BMW mechanic or dealer

    1999 Sable-- No Heat?

    Hi Everyone-We aren't getting any heat and we could hear a squealing noise. We just had a new radiator put in about 4 months ago and we keep checking it to make sure we have no leaks. The fluid was going down a little and we think we solved that problem by getting a new radiator cap. We live in Massachusetts and need the heat!! My question is--could it be a belt? Or maybe the water pump? Or just a thermostat? I guess i could take it to a service station and have them put it on a computer to find out, but--they charge so much and seeing xmas is right around the corner I am sort of strapped. I just had all new brakes put on and bought a new battery and also the radiator. Should we change the thermostat first and see if it's that? I'm so confused. My b/f will do the work although he isn't a mechanic but has helped others on their cars and he is pretty good. Any help will be very much appreciated and I will let Santa know how you tried to help me. HO HO HO. TYVM!!!!1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    The squealing is either the Serpentine Belt Tensioner or the Idler Pulley or a combination of the two. Given that this is a 99' Sable adn I've been bit by this one before I always recommend replacing both the complete tensioner assembly and the idler pulley at the same time. Both are highly prone to failure anyway.

    That is not why your vehicle has no heat though.

    Assuming your coolant level is good Sable's are also notorious for literally eating thermostats. On the very first really cold day of winter I will see in my shop on average 6-7 Taurus/Sable's that have thermostats that have either just failed or have literally fallen apart. This (along with the radiator cap) should have been replaced at the same time as the radiator. If your engine temperature guage is not rising quickly or not going up to normal operating temp that is a good indicator your T-stat is the problem.

    A $60 coolant flush every other year would have prevented all of this.1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    I'd start with the thermostat, it's cheap enough to replace. But the squealing noise makes me think it's the water pump. Not so cheap or easy to replace.1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    you say you can hear a squealing noise,is it when you rev the engine,if it is when you rev the engine then the water pump has gone.but you would notice water coming out from under the engine.there are three possibilties for no heat (1) the sensor on the side of the engine block has gone(2) you have a airlock in your system that needs bleeding(3)like you said thermostat

    hope this helps you1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    the squealing noise is from the belt slipping against the pulley or from the bearing on the pulley which is already kaputt.....try changing the belt or the pulley's bearing...1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    it my be a thermostat or the heat core my have air in it from the wen they changed the radiator but on a saab the themostat a job you want to do if you don't know what you are doing its only easy on some cars1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    Possible Bad Idler Pulley for the Belt Squeal?

    Heater; Does the Car get up to Operating Temperature in a reasonable time? Do you have a Small Coolant Front Center of the Engine? (Possible Hoses %26amp; Clamps or water Pump). Possible Hot Water Control Valve for Heater! %26quot;Hot Water Control Valve %26amp; Thermostat are the Componants with the Least Cost and Easiest to Replace%26quot; Get some %26quot;Belt Dressing Spray%26quot; for Now.1999 Sable-- No Heat?
    I'd try changing your thermostat first ( don't go stock item ) then have your heater core flushed. I had the same problem on my 92 accord and went threw 5 chappies till i went to the dealer. the next month no heat..............flushed the heater NOW I'm toasty....LOL