Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Car Steaming, but not overheating?

I have a 93 Nissan Altima. I recently replaced the water pump and changed the radiator cap from the factory model to one that has a pressure release. Since then, a couple of times it has released a ton of steam, but my temp gauge remains within a normal range. This is just with average, daily driving. I've checked the oil %26amp; water, and replaced the water that steamed off, but it keeps doing this steaming thing. Today when I got to work it was steaming like mad.

Does anyone have any input as to what this could be and how to fix it?

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HollipopCar Steaming, but not overheating?
Where is the steam coming from? The radiator? the engine?

One thing I know is that it is hard to seal the water pump properly on this car. I did one before.

Another Q: Why was the rad cap replaced with a non-factory part? That can sometimes cause trouble, depending on the car.

Good luck with that.Car Steaming, but not overheating?
Are you getting the radiator cap on tightly? It needs to be pushed down and turned on.Car Steaming, but not overheating?
It's probably a crack in your radiator. You can buy some stuff at AutoZone or wherever to fix it. It works like Mighty puddy. You rub it together, put it on the crack, and it dries into something hard like metal.Car Steaming, but not overheating?
Just for a giggle, put the old radiator cap back on. It's possible that the aftermarket one doesn't fit quite right, and is allowing steam to escape. I doubt highly that the water-pump is at fault, and that's the only other thing that's changed recently. Car Steaming, but not overheating?
the factory cap Did have pressure release also...

IS your overflow tank still there?

Did YOU replace the pump or did a shop do it? was all the air purged when you did it?

heres a tutorial on cooling systems, as there is not enough info here to help. Steaming, but not overheating?
I would start with the cap.Car Steaming, but not overheating?
You might want to have your thermostat and/or radiator checked.

If the thermostat is stuck or the radiator is plugged the coolant isn't circulating which results in pressure build-up then steam release. Also have the temperature sensor checked. If it's bad the temp gauge will not show overheating. You can blow your system if you let it go. Car Steaming, but not overheating?
A 1993 Nissan Altima does not use a pressure release radiator cap. You have got the wrong radiator cap.

Oh I work at a Nissan parts department.Car Steaming, but not overheating?
More than likely the radiator cap is bad and you need to replace it. take it back to the place where you got it and get another one without the pop off on top of it.Car Steaming, but not overheating?
I would try a different cap(if that's where the steam is comming from. I used to have a 95 neon, and I had to replace cap several times, because it was doing the same thing as your car. You could have goten a bad cap, but make sure that's where the steam is comming from. I also have a turbo eclispe right now that has a metal water line going to the oil cooler, and it got a very small hole in it from rubbing againt a bolt. Steams like crazy cuz it hits the exhaust.A little JB weld fixed it right up.
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