Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bleeding air on a '98 Honda Accord?

I am changing the radiator hoses on a '98 4 cylinder Accord EX. I can't find any information on a fitting and where it might be located to bleed trapped air when I refill it with coolant. How do you bleed air from this model?Bleeding air on a %26039;98 Honda Accord?
I don't have anything handy on the 98, but they used to have a bleed valve on the up to '95 Accords, so it seems likely they still would. Here's pictures of the location on these earlier models. 84-89 and 90-95 respectively. air on a %26039;98 Honda Accord?
Put coolant while engine is not running filled it up all the way. When its full start the engine and filled it up again until its all full. Don't forget to put some in the reservoir tank.Bleeding air on a %26039;98 Honda Accord?
Theres no bleeder valve on those cars cause theres no reason for one.Once you get your radator filld partially. run the car till it gets warmd up also turn on the heater.once it warms up and the thermostat opens youll prob need to add more coolant.before you do this run the car at about 3000 rpm for about 30 sec.that should get any air out.then fill the rest of the way w coolantBleeding air on a %26039;98 Honda Accord?
Sometimes you'll find a bleeder valve by the thermostat housing.If not fill up the overflow container , start the engine , stand back watch it , if it goes down add more and when you see it trying to overflow the air will come out then.Be sure if you're changing the rad hoses to use to hose clamps and to clean m scrape , or sand paper the housings the hoses go onto, plus I highly recommend you check the antifreeze mixture with the proper antifreeze tester.Once you get the coolant done , drive it awhile , allow engine to cool right down then check the rad or overflow container with the antifreeze tester.I usually mix it so it can handle -40c by the way.

Hope that helps and best of luck.